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Return to Medieval times, learn, practice, try ancient weapons.
We offer you to experience the ancient time of entertainment, and learn new knowledge.

The group has the opportunity to choose one of the offered programs as well as create their own entertainment event.

Insights of the Ancients
Group accompanied by Viking instructor, learns how to shoot with bow and crossbow for certain period of time, and also try on and take photos with medieval arsenal.

Viking Tournament
Each participant fires three rounds with a bow, a crossbow, throws axe and a spear, and makes a copy of the medieval coin, which remains for each one as a souvenir. The participant will receive a card, which will record the results, and the best will be symbolically rewarded in every way! (1-2 H)

Medieval sports games
Sports games in medieval style with authentic 13.-16. century sports There is no difference here whether the participants are athletes or not – all of these classes will be held for the first time. All game judges are dressed in medieval costumes, the game is decorated with flags. The games contains various authentic medieval team games such as ”Defending the Fortress”, “Monk Soccer”, “Game of Towers”, etc. (3-6 H)


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