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This video was filmed in 2015 at the guest house “Līčkalni”.

Hire of quadricycles; ATV rental

Excursion on two (two-seater) quad bikes under the supervision of an instructor lasting 1.5-2h – €90

Sport and recreation complex Lickalni offers exclusive relaxation programs with quads
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Recreation and sports complex is situated only half an hour drive from the capital city Riga which offers fantastic and thrilling adventure – safari on a quad.

Our guests are offered a group ride on two-seater quads accompanied by a professional instructor. The quad track is specifically designed and suited in a way that every visitor can enjoy a safe and emotionally fulfilling journey.

The ride starts from a specially constructed place where under the instructor’s supervision all technical checks and health and safety instructions are made. After that, the track continues through a spectacular forest which borders with pride of Latvia – National Park of Gauja. While taking benefit from the magical surroundings, we’re going to the hill with wild animal observation area, near specifically equipped
feeding places.

Afterwards the safari continues onwards to the crater of meteorite which fell in 1957. It stands next to the cliffs of Ligatnes river.

After crossing the river, quad equipages go to observe the Ancient Liv’s Holy site, Ancient Cemetery of 9-12 century, which are the archaeological monuments of the State.

After that the participants are warmly welcomed in especially established camping place with delicious fish or forest animal soup prepared on the bonfire. After the picnic visitors are going to the recreation complex territory where the most brave and active participants of the
expedition will be able to try their skills and speed driving a circle.


Bombardier – this modern day machine making giant has an unbelievably rich history. The company Bombardier Inc. was created in 1942 at Valkurte, a small city in Canada. The talented inventor Joseph-Arman was lead creator of this firm which at the beginning was called L’Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitee. At first it only produced bombardier quads. The bombardier quad – from an idea to an ideal. The quad producement started from the very first day of Bombardier Inc. existence. First modern day Canadian quad model was released in only 1997, the name of this model was ‘’Traxtor’’. Until then the Bombardier made machines participated in numerous competitions and quite often went home as winners. Because of this Bombardier had a very good reputation and this opened up new possibilities for the company. In 1999, the popular journal ‘’ATV Magazine’’ recognizes the Canadian quad ‘’Traxator’’ as worthy of being named the ‘’The Off-Roader of Year’’. In 2003 the engineers design the very first two-seated bombardier quad. Today the company ‘’Bombardier’’ produces quads under the brand ‘’Can-Am’’. The goal of company is to meet their clients’ wishes. Bombardier quad price is more expensive than their competitors, but it has to be said that the quality is well-worth the price even in the first days of using these quads. The machines of this company will serve loyally and for a long time. It comes as no surprise that they get very good reviews from their customers. With these Canadian quads all roads, whether it’s a small trip in the forest or a crazy ride in the track will be pleasant and unforgettable. By the way, Bombardier machines are often the famous ‘’Dakar’’ competition winners. Given the many year experience in various mechanic transport producement Bombardier only chooses the best for their quads.


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