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This video was filmed in the winter of 2011, at the guest house „Līčkalni”.

Hire of ski-doos; Snowmobile rental

Sport and recreation complex Lickani offer exclusive relaxation programs with ski doos!

Recreation and sports complex is situated only half an hour drive from the capital city Riga which offers fantastic and thrilling adventure – winter safari on a snowmobile.

Our guests are offered a group ride on two-seater snowmobiles accompanied by a professional instructor. The ski doo track is specifically designed and suited in a way that every visitor can enjoy a safe and emotionally fulfilling journey.

The ride starts from a specially constructed place where under the instructor’s supervision all technical checks and health and safety instructions are made.

After that, the track continues through snowy, spectacular forest which borders with pride of Latvia – National Park of Gauja. While taking benefit from the magical surroundings, we’re going to the hill with wild animal observation area, near specifically equipped feeding places.

As we proceed, safari participants are offered the opportunity to live through the most impressing moments during this trip by rafting on ice-free river Ligatne.

After crossing the river, snowmobile equipages go to observe the Ancient Liv’s Holy site, Ancient Cemetery of 9-12 century, which are the archaeological monuments of the State.

After that the participants are warmly welcomed in especially established camping place with delicious fish or forest animal soup prepared on the bonfire.

After the picnic visitors are going to the recreation complex territory where the most brave and active participants of the expedition will be able to try their skills and speed in ski-joring.

Current hot promotion!!! You can make a reservation and take one hour long with a two-seater snowmobile until the beginning of the active season for only 90EUR!

First ski-joring competition was organised 50 years ago in Riga on Victory place and 10 years after it became the national sport of Latvia when Latvian Physical Culture and Sports committee officially registered it as a sports type.

We can offer two ski-joring types:

  • Ride that takes place on a specifically designed 2,5km track, which has different difficulty levels and height trampolines.
  • Ride on a forest track, which can be enjoyed also by inexperienced riders. Whilst on it, you can benefit from observing the historical points of interest of the nearby guesthouses and beautifully snowy forest landscapes of Ligatne.



The first snowmobile was made by Elvin Lombard, but the project failed because the car weighted 20 t. The first time when snowmachines were made in mass production was in Rusov Balt’s factory in Riga, they were constructed by Sergey Jezdanovski. The modern snowmobile was constructed and made by Joseph Armand Bombardier, who was born in Canada , Quebec’s province. He was born in the 16 of april,1907 as the next great mechanic. When he was 14 years old, Bombardier’s parents sent him to a spiritual seminar, where the idea of making a snowmobile came to him. in 1996 he opened a car mechanic’s shop with his brother, where two years later he made the first snowmobile, making his dream come true. But this project was unsuccesful, because the snowmobiles were too heavy, He might have ceased his efforts of making a functional snowmachine if not for the winter tragedy in 1934, when his two years old son who was sick with peritonitis died because the doctor couldn’t help in time considering the deep snow. After this incident he doubled his efforts in making a snowmobile. In 1937 he invented a new kind of caterpillar tracks, which greatly reduced the weight of a snowmobile. In the same year Bomb. patented this invention and started mass producing it. But these machines were slow and could only reach the speed of 40 km/h, thus only countryside veterinarians and doctors used them. In 1949 Quebec’s government suddenly decided to start cleaning the snow from all the roads in the state, this fateful decision made a huge impact on Joseph Armand Bombardier’ s business. The number of snowmobiles purchases dropped more than twice. In 1959 the Sky-doo was built, it gained a lot of popularity as both- a sport and a winter activity. After dedicating his life for this project, Joseph Armand Bombardier died in 1964 and at that point he was selling about 10 000 snowmobiles each year. From his offsprings he asked only one thing- that they continue his life’s work. Until this day the predecessors of Joseph Armand Bombardier still control the company “Bombardier”, it’s total value is up to 2,7 billion in a year and the sales of snowmobiles are ten times higher. The legendary bikes keep honoring their inventor by carrying the name of Sky-Doo Bombardier.


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