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Guesthouse. For the sweetest sleep we offer apartments and desirable rooms (up till 100 bed places). You can enjoy your evening while playing snooker or other table games. There are a comfortable sports fields, restrooms, outdoor showers, an observation tower and trout fishing spots. You can get rid of city hassle by relishing sauna or steam room with a mini-pool.

Saunas. If you want to organise festivity in a more narrow circle of friends (up to 20 people) or treat yourself with health therapy, we offer two types of saunas located in separate holiday houses. We can offer a holiday house with sauna and exit to a refreshing swimming place, fireplace hall and terrace on the first floor and bedrooms for 15 people on the second floor.

The second holiday house anticipate for up to 8 people and is located on a separate demi-island with swimming place in river Ligatne.

Canteen with kitchen and terrace, equipped with everything needed for cooking, storage, serving tables 30-35 pers.

Summer pavilion for 100 persons. Tableware, food storage and thermoses, beer and wine coolers facilities, beer, picnic outdoors.

For those who enjoy active type of relaxation we offer: tours on double ATV, football, basketball, volleyball and paintball fields and a well-maintained children playground. Also you can benefit from looked after camping places with outdoor furniture, fireplace, outdoor chimera where you can prepare your meal, wc and outdoor shower. New: hot air balloon rides!


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